Q: Why are Facebook and Microsoft developing this specification?
A: Co-Packaging has the potential to address the challenge of datacenter traffic growth by reducing the power consumption of the switch-optic electrical interface. A common, publicly available system specification is required to guide optical and switch vendors to quickly develop co-packaged solutions and allow for the creation of a diverse eco-system of suppliers.

Q: Have others joined Facebook and Microsoft?
A: Membership is open only to other hyperscale data center companies.

Q: Where can I find more information?
A: More information is available at a forthcoming website. For questions please email info@copackagedoptics.org.

Q: How is the Co-Packaged Optics Collaboration organized?
A: The Co-Packaged Optics Collaboration is made up of:
• Member Companies – Microsoft and Facebook
• Working Groups – Member companies creating drafts on specific sections of the specification.

Q: What are the steps for the Co-Packaged Optics to create this specification?
A: The Co-Packaged Optics Collaboration will develop the specification in the following stages:

  1. Guidance Document – Provides guidance on the requirements for co-packaged optical modules.
  2. Draft – Accepted Pre-draft documents (and the basis of all future edits) by the Working Group and other contributors for particular section or subject
  3. Working Group Approval – Approval of a Draft by the Working Group
  4. Final Approval – Approval by Member Companies
  5. Publication – Approved deliverable is made publicly available.

What Will Be Defined By This Group?
Q: What is the specification for Co-Packaged Optics? How do I get access to it?
A: A draft guidance document will be published and we will solicit input from vendors prior to releasing the first draft. The intent of the guidance document is not to provide a detailed specification, but rather guidance on common requirements (e.g. optical link, electrical link, management interface…).

Q: When will the guidance document be available?
A: The Co-Packaged Optics Collaboration will announce the schedule for the specification mid-2019.

Q: Where will updates on progress of the program be available?
A: Updates on this program will be available through the website TBD We will also intend to provide informational sessions and progress updates at forums such as OCP.
How Can You Participate?
Q: How do I ask questions about the specification or making a proposal?
A: Please check the FAQ on the website www.copackagedoptics.org or for email questions to info@copackagedoptics.org.

Q: How does a company make a proposal? Is there a “request for proposal” document?
A: Information regarding making a proposal will be available on the website www.copackagedoptics.org including the details of how to submit a proposal.

Q: Are proposals for partial solutions, such as optical engine or switch ASIC accepted?
A: Partial solutions are accepted, but complete solutions are preferred.

Q: Is the information submitted as a proposal visible to other parties?
A: Only members of the collaboration will have access to the proposals. Suppliers will not have access to other suppliers’ proposals.

Q: Does the information submitted as a proposal remain confidential to the sharing party?
A: Proposals to the working group are not considered confidential. Member companies are available separately for discussions under NDA to help refine proposals before submitting to the group.

Q: How is IP handled? What is the legal framework for Intellectual Property rights?
A: Information disclosed in connection with the project and any Working Group activity, including but not limited to meetings, contributions, and submissions, is not confidential.

Q: What is the timeframe for making proposals? What is the deadline for submissions?
A: The schedule for providing responses will be announced after the guidance document has been released.

Q: What information needs to be provided in a proposal?
A: Proposals should include:
• Name of company or companies submitting proposal
• Contact information including names, titles, emails and phone numbers of company representatives
• Fully executed Feedback Agreement
o Can be provided on request
• Working Groups covered in a proposal:
o Electrical interface
o Optical module workstream
o Standardize management interface of optic
o Mechanical and Thermal
o Reliability/FIT
• Proposal

Q: After submission of a proposal, what is the method of communication?
A: A schedule will be published before a call for proposals. Participants will be notified according to that schedule. Successful proposals will be invited for further discussion.